nergroup brings together more than 2,000 people in about twenty Organizations that work in different projects and sectors; from organic farming and sustainable aquaculture in the primary sector, to the transformation of materials and the manufacture of parts, tools, technological and mechanical devices or machinery, also counting on talent that operates in services dedicated to engineering, architecture, design, socio-economic development and advanced management.

Our common denominator is the New Style of Relationships that we apply in all our activities, with which we pursue a Fair and Sustainable Human Development, solidarity and evolution that operates with:

Comunicación – Información
Equipos autogestionados
Decisiones conjuntas
Visión de futuro

-We distribute the harvest.

-We DO NOT perform paid overtime.

-Likewise, we do NOT consider layoffs; We exhaust all the possibilities within our reach and look for alternative solutions in all the Organizations themselves.

We are committed to Integration in Society.

We dedicate personal time, knowledge, energy, material and financial resources to social, cultural and sports initiatives in our environment, and we also add value to Development Cooperation projects in other countries.

And we support People!

With the help of our COMMITMENT TO SOCIETY team, we dedicate energy, time, knowledge, economic and material resources to different initiatives and social projects; NGOs, cultural, sports, welfare associations, … and PEOPLE!

Fernando Michelena and nergroup,
a great example of OVERCOMING and SUPPORT
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