The New Style of Relationships and our Commitment to Society

nergroup brings together the personal and professional effort of more than 2,000 people who, through some twenty business and cooperative projects, work in the three economic sectors; agri-food, industrial and services.

We make up a great human team committed to Society; We express it in our purpose and we put it into practice. The New Style of Relationships also unites us when it comes to being useful to society:

Since 2010 we have promoted and collaborated more than 200 social projects, both locally and in development cooperation in Africa, Latin America and Asia. There are many and varied initiatives in which each person has been involved by dedicating time and energy, participating live and direct, first-hand, putting our eyes, ears and hearts in the accompaniment of exciting personal projects and collective transformation processes.

Energies, Emotions, Technical and Material Resources … In these TEN years, nergroup has also invested more than TWO million Euros in its clear vocation of Commitment to Society; The impact of our shared effort is due to some of the hallmarks that characterize our Organization and differentiate us from other economic behaviors in the market:

A VOLUNTEER TEAM identifies needs, proposes ideas, promotes initiatives, shares with Organizations, interacts with NGOs

– We allocate 5% of the annual ECONOMIC RESULT of the ‘ner’ Organizations

-All the people in the Group dedicate at least 2% of our WORK TIME to the development and continuous improvement of the social ideas that are generated each year

“Solidarity is NOT giving what we have left over, but sharing what we have and are capable of generating”:

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