Lancor and Orona: United for an evolution

Lancor and Orona: United for an evolution

Lancor and Orona are two Basque organizations that work together on the production of electric motors and elevators. 

Immersed in continuous improvement processes, they generate synergies to share knowledge and the objective of being able to develop a new concept of elevator door motor based on a linear drive.

This motor, composed of fewer and more compact elements, will reduce the number of incidents in the installation, facilitating the assembly and maintenance processes, while at the same time offering a qualitative improvement in performance.

The Organizations operate within the framework of the ‘LiMaq0 project‘, a collaborative initiative in which Orona leads the project and Lancor is part of the execution, combining efficiency and effectiveness. Other key partners are also involved, such as the University of Mondragon (MGEP) and Orona’s R&D Unit, ‘Orona EIC‘, which belong to the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation (RVCTI). 

The project started in 2021, will be completed by the end of 2022 and will have a total budget of €929,009.

Lancor 2000 S. Coop, is currently undergoing a process of change in its industrialization model. It intends to expand its activity to other industrial fields such as ‘Electric Mobility’, a challenge that requires maintaining the important effort in R&D&I that has been developed in recent years, evolving towards new quality standards, design technologies and production means adapted to the sector.

Other challenges for 2022 are the ‘Made‘ project, which delves into the manufacture of new models, and the ‘Emocap‘ project, in which electric mobility is part of the main focus. Thus, the ‘LiMaq0’, ‘Made’ and ‘Emocap’ projects are the result of collaboration with customers, suppliers and technology centers, actions that are part of Lancor’s Strategic Plan in which the priority is to share and acquire new knowledge that will enable new developments to address new markets and improve the positioning of this nergroup Organization.

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