Ethical Management in nergroup

Ethical Management in nergroup

Ethical management applied in organizations facilitates the growth of a voluntary bond between the entity itself and the people who are part of it, being both internal and external, since in addition to creating and strengthening a bond between them, it favors a positive impact on the environment (cooperates towards the common good of society).

An organization that has implemented and internalized ethical business management, puts the person at the center of decision making, and knows that what is being built is a community of people united towards and for the same project, through which it contributes to the common good.

The organizations that are part of ‘nergroup’ have developed mechanisms and ethical management systems incorporating organizational values, both in the strategy and in common day-to-day actions, so that it is assumed as part of the strategic planning of the organization incorporating moral-ethical values.

It can be summarized that there are three fundamental areas on which the ethical management of the organizations that make up ‘nergroup’ is based, with a clear concern for society, seeking to achieve a fair and sustainable human development, such as:

  • Social Commitment Area:
    A fundamental part of our DNA: where we have promoted and collaborated in more than 200 social projects, both locally and in development cooperation in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

    There are many and varied initiatives in which each person has been involved dedicating time and energy, participating live and direct, first hand, putting eyes, ears and hearts in the accompaniment of exciting personal and collective projects that have achieved transformation processes.
  • Knowledge Area:
    Based on relationships, without interference among its participants, seeking synergies of qualitative and quantitative improvement in people’s knowledge.
  • Cooperation Area:
    Join efforts, share experiences, exchange services, support each other in projects, generate a network of connections… achieve a degree of interrelation with the objective of increasing competitive advantages.

Ethical management, in addition to seeking social cohesion within organizations, is also oriented towards the search for this cohesion outside them, with customers, suppliers and agents directly and indirectly involved in the company.

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