lrantzu Otaola, new general coordinator of Gashor

lrantzu Otaola, new general coordinator of Gashor

We would like to welcome lrantzu, our colleague who studied and graduated in aerospace engineering at the University of Bath (UK) and Purdue University (USA). She also studied an MBA and has worked in different sectors such as aeronautics, renewable energies and railways. She has spent most of her professional career abroad; as a manager in subsidiaries in Italy and the United Kingdom and led company establishments in the USA, China, India and Brazil.

“When I saw that Gashor was part of the NER group I became much more interested in the project. Although I have worked in the ‘traditional company’, I have been fortunate to have had many years with a leader who worked with many of the values that are within the nergroup, and I have been able to see the benefits of applying them correctly both on a personal/professional level and on a company level….

I also believe that being part of an association of companies, where you can share experiences and collaborate in different aspects can be an important competitive advantage, and it is an opportunity that many companies do not have. Finally, I would be lying if I didn’t say that the fact that Koldo Saratxaga was leading and participating in the NER group really appealed to me.”

On a personal level she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, loves to enjoy the sea, the beach, and getting to know different cultures.

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