Zuhaitz Eguna 2021: ‘Plant a tree in your life’

Zuhaitz Eguna 2021: ‘Plant a tree in your life’

With the aim of improving the environmental future of our society and as a consequence of the exploitation of the forests of our environment in recent decades, in nergroup every Zuhaitz Eguna (Day of the Tree) we plant trees of native species. An initiative that we love and also has many very good reasons, such as:

  • Need to care for and maintain the environment, becoming aware both personally and collectively.
  • Awareness of the interdependence between plants and humans.
  • Understanding of the irreversible consequences of some of the actions we perform in nature.

In our hands is the defense of the environment and the recovery of the natural balance of the surrounding tree species.

Zuhaitz Eguna

Native tree species (oak, beech, ash, etc.) play a fundamental role in biological diversity. They are the fundamental basis of biosystems, offering health, protection and food to the species so necessary for the ecosystem. The influence of trees on our wellbeing contributes:

  • Oxygenation of the air we breathe, mitigating Co2 emissions.
  • Water washing.
  • Increased soil fertility.
  • Contribution to climate stabilization.

It is very important to understand that all processes in nature are slow. Therefore, everything we do today will bear fruit for generations to come.

Therefore, our project focuses on planting trees of native species, in collaboration with the Lurgaia Foundation for the Conservation of Nature, which this year we celebrated last Sunday, November 7, in the Urdaibai reserve (Bizkaia) and Altzo (Gipuzkoa).

Zuhaitz Eguna
Zuhaitz Eguna
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