The word EQUALITY refers to the equivalence or conformity in quantity, quality or form of two or more elements. When the term is applied to people, it also implies their adequate equitable treatment.

“Gender Equality,” equality between human beings regardless of sex, is considered a right in many cultures; however, in too many occasions it is not put into practice due to economic, racial or religious factors, among others. It is a right that must be associated to other enormous words such as JUSTICE and SOLIDARITY.

Gender equality is not only one of the fundamental human rights that we must value; it is an essential basis for achieving a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society, a simply better world.

In “developed” societies such as ours, equality is promoted and legally protected, but there is still a long way to go, as we can still see today that gender gaps are evident in many areas of personal, professional and social life.

And one step beyond equality, EQUITY seeks to better support, if possible, the people who need it most, seeking to compensate in the best possible way those inequalities that, also naturally, the circumstances of life brings us.

As it could not be otherwise, in nergroup we take care of these beautiful words and we incorporate them in our DNA, facilitating their best application with total naturalness in all our projects, in all our organizations. In this way we guarantee that opportunities flow between people, women and men, without any distinction either by other issues such as race, color, geographical origin, social, cultural or economic status, political ideologies, religious beliefs and other thoughts or practices that are part of the life of each person.

EQUALITY is an inalienable part of our VALUES: We put PEOPLE at the real epicenter of nergroup and, with EQUITY, we facilitate their personal and professional development within each project and in each and every one of our organizations.

We make COMMON GOOD out of it and, in addition, the process enriches us with an extraordinary increase in EFFICIENCY in our work, EFFICIENCY in the results and, an outstanding satisfaction for those of us who make up the nergoup family.

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