The Logos team works to better its internationalization

The Logos team works to better its internationalization

Logos is an organization from Gipuzkoa that has benifited from the Zabaltzen plan. Due to this, Diario Vasco recently published a small report about this cooperative which forms part of nergroup and has its headquarters in Zaldibia.

Iñaki Arana, a member of the Customer Satisfaction team (International), explains that 35% of sales comes from exports, with the aim of increasing this to 50% in two years: “We are present in central and southern Europe, as well as in the United States, Mexico and sub-Saharan Africa,” says Arana.

The cooperative’s objective is to consolidate these markets and, on this basis, to grow in Northern Europe, South America, the Middle East and in parts of Africa where they are not present: “In some of these areas at the time we already carried out operations and now we are in the phase of recovering the distributors with whom we worked previously.”

Arana points out that exporting is a fundamental strategy for the Zaldibia cooperative, which is why it is constantly analyzing the evolution of emerging markets. “Diversification is essential, because you can’t depend on just a few countries.”

Regarding the ‘Zabaltzen’ program, he praises its virtues. In fact, Arana worked at the Chamber for three years as an internationalization technician. “These plans are essential for companies in Gipuzkoa. In our case, they have helped us to find distributors or potential customers in each country analyzed. The Chamber has been doing this work for many, many years and they have a huge database, as well as contacts all over the world.”

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