Research into new materials and technologies: Lancor leads a consortium of major Basque companies

Research into new materials and technologies: Lancor leads a consortium of major Basque companies

Starting with the development of a new electric lifting motor aimed at the residential sector as part of the ‘I+D MADE’ project, Lancor has designed a strategy to gain muscle abroad over the next few years.

LANCOR’s team, specialized in the manufacture of elevator motors and electric motors, has designed a roadmap to expand its international activity beyond where its main customers are located. To address this new strategy, LANCOR, together with the companies ALCONZA, GKN, SENER and MIMTECH, is immersed in the execution of an I+D project called ‘MADE’, with the aim of obtaining new materials and manufacturing routes to create a new generation of electromechanical devices. As they explain, being able to obtain raw materials in an alternative, more economical and efficient way, as well as having new manufacturing models, opens ways for them to open plants abroad in an easier way and with greater guarantees of success; all this without suffering the ups and downs that trade wars between countries generate in raw materials through speculation.

In this context, Lancor is evaluating new commercial actions as part of its internationalization program and thus approaching new sectors and countries; all of them are large markets, with obsolete technologies and products that, as they foresee, will demand the updating of products and services.

Faced with these prospects, and based on the MADE project, with a budget of one million euros, Lancor is working on the development of an electric motor for the residential sector with higher performance and lower production costs, which will allow them to offer a new product with better performance than the existing ones, thus gaining a competitive advantage over the current ones.

Lancor is embarking on its international expansion after completing its last two-year strategic plan last year. In the short term, its objectives are to consolidate its product in the market, overcome the crisis generated by the Covid-19 with the new ranges of generators and the development of variants for new applications of the generators already produced, as well as the adaptation of possible new materials for prototyping.

Lancor positioned itself in 2018 to change its industrial model, diversifying its activity towards the industrial, electric mobility and renewable energy sectors, for which it drew up an investment plan of four million euros. According to plan, its evolution would revolve around strategic thoughts, which implied increasing turnover from 16 million in 2016 to 25 million in 2023.

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