«ESKER ON» from the Provincial Council of Bizkaia for Walter Pack

«ESKER ON» from the Provincial Council of Bizkaia for Walter Pack

Bizkaia recognizes the work of organizations that stand out for building resilient infrastructures, promoting sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation.

On March 14, 2020, a state of alarm was declared as a result of the pandemic. With admiration, we saw how, from those first complicated weeks, companies, organizations, and enterprising individuals sought ways to contribute their knowledge, production, and materials in the fight against COVID-19.

From all sectors, of all sizes, in very different ways, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia has selected twenty initiatives in the territory, although ‘Esker On’ recognizes the work of all of them.

One of the organizations that the Biscayan institution wanted to recognize and highlight is our colleague, Walter Pack; together with Maier S. Coop, they adapted their production to manufacture protective visors to meet the needs of Osakidetza. In this way, they responded to a call from the Hospital de Cruces in Barakaldo. The ‘Maker Community’, the Tknika technology center and LGK Transportes Carmelo also collaborated in this project. Working in shifts 24 hours a day, they set themselves the goal of producing 4,000 visor kits per day.

EZKER ON Bizkaia Walter Pack

On the other hand and through a crowdfunding campaign, three young people working and intrapreneurs at Walter Pack and Idelt, also started the production of innovative masks: “Weetbe mask osaka” is the first product launched under the Weetbe brand, “a highly efficient, comfortable and safe mask, adapted to the new normality”. The mask is customizable and can be fitted with an eye shield for even greater protection.

In March 2020, these three restless, creative and enterprising minds thought that the situation of confinement would be “an unbeatable opportunity” to design a useful product for citizens. Likewise, they also considered that it was “a good time” to create their own company, Weetbe, supported and advised by the firms where they work, Walter Pack and Idelt, which are part of NERgroup and whose policies promote innovation and intrapreneurship, among other values.

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