A Path of Values: COMMITMENT

A Path of Values: COMMITMENT

COMMITMENT as a value must be linked to other values in order to achieve everything a person sets out to do. We start from the definition of commitment as “planning the path to be followed to achieve the objective in a constant way.” By committing ourselves, we put our capabilities to the maximum to achieve our goals.

In order for a person to feel committed to what one is doing, a series of circumstances must be met:

  • That they feel ownership of the objectives of the place where they are; those of their organization.
  • Support and implement decisions, fully committed to the achievement of common objectives.
  • Prevent and overcome obstacles that interfere with the achievement of the organization’s objectives.
  • That the implementation of agreed reactions is monitored.

We all fulfill certain social commitments, such as respect and social development.

At nergroup, we firmly believe in this value; it is one of the main values in the New Style of Relations (Nuevo Estilo de Relaciones). Through it, different initiatives are carried out, among which we can highlight the social actions, because thanks to the commitment of people, we help to alleviate, at least a little, the difficult situation in which many groups find themselves.

Thanks to COMMITMENT, the union of people to improve and achieve common goals becomes a reality!

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