A Path of Values: SOLIDARITY

A Path of Values: SOLIDARITY

Solidarity, as a concept, represents the quality of being supportive people. If we dwell on the origin of the word, we will find other possible meanings that may help us to understand and develop it better.

Solidarity comes from the Latin adjective ‘solidus, solida, solidum‘ which conveys “solidity“, firmness, consistency, effectiveness.

On the other hand, the prefix ‘sol‘ also means something whole, complete.

In the New Style of Relations (Nuevo Estilo de Relaciones) we apply its best meanings: We learn to coexist and evolve in solidarity, we are firmly committed to develop as stronger, more whole and complete human beings and organizations, always working committed to people and society.

Solidarity benefits people, benefits our activities, and benefits our environment.

We feel that we are part of ‘something that is whole‘, that we belong to something more global, that we must participate in a common cause; we are not people and organizations isolated from an environment, far from nature, alien to society. And that is why we undertake actions, relationships, attitudes, projects that allow us to awaken an inner sun when we manage to give light, to give warmth, to enlighten others, to try to become good examples of human beings.

When we bring daily practices of solidarity to our internal and external relationships, we are actively collaborating with nature, with society and with ourselves. We establish links to collaborate and help each other, also sharing feelings, opinions, difficulties, pains, and successes. To act. To improve.

In short, solidarity practices help us to take steps towards the awakening and revival of our inner glow. And through example and coherence, we also help other people and organizations to discover its important benefits and incorporate solidarity in their own journey. Are you up for it?

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