Everyone’s Battle

Everyone’s Battle

Cancer, in its many forms, is a tough disease that is an unfortunate part of our lives. Who has not been affected directly or indirectly by it?

In its purpose and commitment to society, nergroup has launched several actions aimed at improving the lives of people and families who suffer from it, as well as to make visible its different realities in order to contribute to further research and better prevention.

Despite the important advances made in recent years, cancer continues to be the most important social and health problem on the planet, and the data that corroborate this aspect are devastating: 10 million people die each year from this disease, one in three women and one in two men will have cancer during our lives.

In coordination with the Cancer Associations of Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia, we intend to undertake new volunteer actions to facilitate the work of these organizations, since for the important work they carry out in a totally altruistic way, public funding barely reaches 5% of their economic costs.

The organizations that belong to nergroup have opened our doors so that information, dissemination and prevention are directed towards all people of working age and in all its integrity. Thus, we will begin to collaborate in the activities of these associations that require volunteering, accompanying healthy walks with people in treatment and/or recovery, support for families, seeking to expand communication networks, etc..

COVID-19 has monopolized practically all our attention in health matters, overlapping other cruel diseases; that is why we also see the need to open our eyes to the rest of the difficulties and, at the same time, claim and remember that cancer is everyone’s battle.

The Fight of Us All.
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