A Path of Values: Freedom

A Path of Values: Freedom

We continue our journey through the values that make up the New Style of Relationships. On this occasion, we present the great value of freedom


Freedom is “the natural faculty that a person has to act in one way or another, and not to act, so he is responsible for his actions.” Therefore, we are going to relate this value to the concept of responsibility.

Etymologically, the origin of this beautiful term can be found in the Latin “libertas”, “libertātis.” The term “free” has had added onto it the suffix “tad”, which means “quality of” and, by dysgraphia, the word “freedom” has been formed, which means “quality of free.”

Freedom implies acting according to one’s conscience. From this point of view, freedom means autonomy and individual and collective decision-making capacity.

Freedom in nergroup is clearly manifested in the fact that the people who form it are identified as people who are not controlled nor structured at a functional level, in self-managed teams; self-management that is based on the commitment that the people in each work team assume and fulfill in relation to the purpose of their team and, therefore, of the organization.

The self-managed practice contributes to the success of the tasks; it participates in the generation of relationships based on trust between people, teams and also in shared decision making, where in all cases freedom is accompanied by responsibility as an essential factor of individual and collective commitment.

Feeling free in an organization based on the New Relationship Style entails being a consciousresponsible, and committedperson. And there is no greater feeling of freedom than when a team is committed to a task and, among all the people, success has been achieved!

We all give the best of ourselves when we do not feel controlled, when we have confidence in our abilities, when the freedom and responsibility shared with the organization to which we belong supports us to remain in our job with tasks and commitments that we will perform without the need for controls on our entries and exits from work, for example.

The commitment to society of nergroup is something that also contributes to us feeling free in our organization, linking us to society and opening our looks, far from feeling closed in on ourselves or in our organization.

Let’s rediscover ourselves and bet on ourselves and our values, let’s take care of the freedom that allows us to learn, grow, and evolve.

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