On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

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We want to contribute in giving visibility and dissemination to women and girls in science, in order to achieve access and full and equal participation in science. To achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, the United Nations General Assembly decided to proclaim February 11 as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (resolution).

Science and Gender Equality are vital to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and thus avoid the existing gender gap. According to UNESCO, currently less than 30% of researchers worldwide are women.

STEAM in the Basque Country and other interesting initiatives:

In the Basque STEAM education strategy, among other subjects, science is integrated with the aim of inspiring scientific and technological vocations. In our environment, activities are carried out to promote scientific culture with meetings in which experiences are exchanged, such as this one that is disclosed in SPRI.

On the other hand, the Association of Women Researchers and Technologists (AIMT), has launched an initiative to combat stereotypes motivated by the lack of relevant women in science.

#NoMoreMatildas is a campaign to make women in science more visible, an initiative to rescue from oblivion women discoverers and scientific researchers whose work was usurped by fellow scientists, so this campaign aims to return them to the place they deserve and where they should have been from the beginning.

The organizers argue that the lack of female scientists as role models perpetuates gender stereotypes and is at the root of the low participation of girls and adolescents in scientific careers.

Maitane Alonso, a young example for the World


Especially on this day, nergroup wants to contribute to the dissemination and visibility of Maitane Alonso, a 19-year-old Basque girl from Sodupe who has invented, developed and patented a food preservation system that is cheaper, faster, more efficient and sustainable than anything else on the market.

Under the name of Innovating Alimentary Machines, her startup has devised a revolutionary method called air-treated packaging, which increases the durability of food, reducing waste and the use of chemicals used in the food industry and minimizing the use of plastic. His system was recognized with the first prize in the last edition of Exporecerca Jove, and it ended up attracting the attention of NASA, months later she presented it at the Intel ISEF championship in Phoenix, where she won the sustainability award and second place in the microbiology category.

Let us continue to support and disseminate science and gender equality, which is so relevant for girls and women who want to develop their professional careers in the scientific field and become great researchers.

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