Urtxintxa, Education for Quality Citizenship

Urtxintxa, Education for Quality Citizenship

Environmental Education as a formal subject emerged in 1972 as a result of the so-called “Stockholm Declaration” (Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Environment); since then, World Environmental Education Day has been celebrated in different countries around the world.

A nice example of this celebration (January 26) can be found in Gipuzkoa, where children from different schools participate in workshops that try to familiarize students with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. And at the same time they contribute, in a playful way, to reflect on the actions that individually or locally we can carry out to help align with these goals.

And we continue in the Territory of Gipuzkoa, where ‘URTXINTXA, Kalitatezko Herritarrak‘ is based, a beautiful initiative that was born to contribute to its environment:

“We believe in the social function of education and, therefore, the objective of Urtxintxa’s educational model is social welfare. We work on social skills that do not have their place in school and in the family: on the one hand, personal autonomy and on the other, responsibility towards the family, the community and work…”

Its work focuses on training, active education and also offers advice so that other entities and individuals can develop an educational project with their own resources.

Nature activities and also to share at home and in the street, values through music, Euskera, reading, play…

URTXINTXA has an online store where you will also find DVDs, Books, Booklets, Board Games and USBs with digital resources!

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