Mediation: Common Sense that minimizes problems

Mediation: Common Sense that minimizes problems

Mediation is a magnificent instrument that facilitates reaching agreements or consensus through a flexible, economical and confidential procedure, in a climate of trust, communication, respect, empathy and tolerance; without impositions of any kind, with collaborative attitudes and, also very important, with lower emotional costs.

At Trebeki, we offer legal assistance and services based on common sense, cooperation and the deepest commitment to people and their interests. Therefore, mediation is one of the first possible ways of solution that we propose in many of the problems that come to our offices; it is also a New Style of Relationships, practical and almost always effective alternative to the never pleasant passage through the courts.

Every January 21st, European Mediation Day is celebrated. It is a date that highlights the different European efforts in the resolution of conflicts, through an efficient framework that acts in different fields both public and private: entities and companies, professional and labor activities, issues related to consumer affairs, mortgage problems, interpersonal relationships…

In recent years, various regulations on civil, commercial, criminal and family matters have been promoted at both state and autonomous community levels; they represent an important step forward but still require a greater push to achieve a change of mentality in favor of a greater “culture of the agreement or pact” in our society.

TREBEKI is one of the organizations that are part of nergroup. Its main activity is dedicated to advising and accompanying companies in legal and commercial matters, and it also has an important team of professionals in the Basque Country, Catalonia, and Madrid, who provide added value in the areas of tax, labor, accounting, advanced management, and the internationalization of projects.

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