A Path of Values: Trust

A Path of Values: Trust

We begin a journey, a path through the ‘ner values’, and we do it with the value of trust; a word of enormous importance and the fundamental basis of the New Style of Relationships. We have to nurture it constantly and find the ways to rebuild it when it seems not to be there anymore…

Valores ner CONFIANZA

“The darkest moment of the night of life occurs an instant before dawn.”

According to the dictionary, confidence is the “firm hope that one has of someone or something”, and the “security that each person has in oneself.”

Etymologically, it comes from Old Norse meaning ‘strong confidence, support’ and from the point of view of its origin, it means “with full faith” or “to believe“: It implies hope and feelings of security, either in one or several persons, a situation or in ourselves.

To trust we must know ourselves, activate our strengths. We must have the courage to give what we do have.

Trust is based on dialogue, it also involves getting to know other people (colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc.) and including them, taking them into consideration: It consists of understanding the richness of diversity. It is through trust that bonds in relationships are strengthened.

This virtue is especially necessary at this time when, in a global environment, everything we knew is turned upside down and forces us to use our creativity; to trust in our abilities, in our value and, in turn, in the value of the group, of the team. The value of each person and of each team of people in the different organizations that make up nergroup.

Let’s rediscover ourselves as people and let’s bet on ourselves and our values. Let’s take care of the confidence that allows us to learn, grow and evolve…

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