What did we learn in 2020?

What did we learn in 2020?

After this singular year, and in order to make us realize what and how we have filled our backpack with different situations, circumstances and knowledge, we are going to compile in this article some of the lessons that we can already sense as very important… Shall we start?

It can be possible to reconcile family and work.

As we have already mentioned, this situation has resulted in the application of remote working techniques, online meetings, and increased knowledge of certain tools to adapt the new work-life balance systems. They are being experimented now more than ever and may be useful for the near future. This shows us that working from home can be effective and even pleasant, if we create the right environment.

Simple things and creativity.

Obviously, people have not been on vacation. This is an exceptional situation in which it is best to confine ourselves at home so as not to infect or be infected.

In a society based on productivity and consumption, in which we all run every day chasing tasks to perform almost without rest and, suddenly, we find ourselves with a forced stop. We have stopped to take advantage of the time with many issues that we had pending and for which we never found the right time; including rest, enjoying time with family, hobbies…

The situation has allowed us to reflect on the need for physical contact, but it has also triggered creativity, inventing new ways of relating to each other that, perhaps some of them will remain forever. Elbow bumps instead of two kisses, online dinners, chanting from the windows, online concerts, collective virtual visits to museums…

The importance of climate change.

Previously we were working on it in a convinced way, but now we realize that yes, it is vital and urgent that we focus on respecting and caring for our environment.

Climate change is a fact that is reaching worrying levels, causing natural disasters and other situations that endanger the planet we inhabit. Coronavirus has forced countries to close down, has collapsed the economy, but pollution has dropped considerably, making the quality of the air we breathe noticeably better!

Communication and news.

We know it, but we tend to forget it: the world of information has shown us several faces and could be the perfect vaccine against the much-maligned ‘fake news’.
How do we do it?
We now care about useful and truthful information. When health is at stake, not everything goes, so we look for better information about the coronavirus, update news, and contrast everything that may seem sensationalism or disinformation, which has ‘worse press’ than ever.

We have introduced new, healthier habits.

Things like coughing into your elbow, not touching your face, washing your hands and how to do it properly, respecting the one and a half meter distance between people have come into our lives in an unprecedented way, as well as the message that a more natural and balanced diet is crucial. It has taken this virus to explain to us the importance of eating foods such as fruits and vegetables to strengthen our immune system. And also physical exercise to balance our mind and body, when we have to be locked up.

Importance of scientific research.

Increased resources in research is one of the issues that have been constantly demanded for a long time. We have come to realize that, without research there is no cure; and it seems that this has become more evident in the wake of the coronavirus. The enhancement of the public health system has also been a collateral effect of this unprecedented situation. Given these unfortunate circumstances, let us try to look at things from a more positive perspective.

Together, we are stronger.

We did not want to forget one of the most important lessons learned from this crisis: union, social awareness and solidarity effects.

Incredible connections have been created between people; from organizations, neighborhoods, friends, family. We have realized that the only way out of this situation is to join forces, to revive in our way of being the feeling of helping our environment, of belonging to a group, of being part of something bigger for which we are responsible and that, in turn, makes us self-responsible for our actions with the rest of the people.

In a way, we are more united than ever. We are aware that the situation is serious, and there have been situations of solidarity that prove it: human beings are good and empathetic. The global threat of the coronavirus has put our capacity for solidarity and empathy to the test.

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