On Behalf of Art

On Behalf of Art

Art is one of the many expressions of human beings. Even from the beginning of our history, art has always meant something: a story. A story without distinctions. Stories that include human beings.

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Surely you have been able to start enjoying a first division exhibition, whose main value is to gather and show the free expression of the creative talent of extraordinary people. Therefore, from nergroup we have begun to collaborate with the entity FormArte, contributing to this magnificent art school without barriers that, through creativity, directs its efforts towards people with mental and intellectual disabilities.

It is an experience that will enrich us, and we are also proud to have contributed our support in a crowdfunding campaign, which has allowed them to move their headquarters to a space where they will have greater visibility.

They currently have 50 students in the school and have decided to take a new step, creating the NahiArte brand. The project seeks to close the circle from training to professionalization, betting on promoting new job opportunities for its students.

This is a group with very limited professional opportunities and they believe it is important to open new avenues for them in a field they love and where they work very well.

Negroup, supporting this idea, is on the side of art without barriers.

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