Committed to People and Society

Committed to People and Society

In a year like 2020, nergroup’s commitment to society has been strengthened. The difficulties seemed insurmountable, but the work team has been able to respond with high standards and achieve very good results that we celebrate and want to highlight.

They say that the satisfaction of a job well done and a job well done are in themselves the best reward. And all this is not the result of chance, but of effort and perseverance in the development of our purpose:


This simple phrase guides our way of being and acting, in organizations and in the environment, because we feel our commitment to society is essential; a society to which we have been able to listen and interpret their view, trying to contribute everything that is in our hands, with a good part of our time, attention and affection.

The South of the South is also our North

We started 2020 with the objective of providing healthcare resources for the ‘Sekeleka de Macia’ community (Mozambique), where women will be able to give birth in better and healthier circumstances; to achieve that ‘golden post-natal minute’ mentioned by healthcare personnel, which can help new lives to embark on a vital path less conditioned by precariously attended births.

Our looks and actions have continued to add value to the project that we started in Uganda, contributing to the orphaned children that the pandemic forced to stay in school, so that they can have food that would not be possible for them to harvest. In addition, our volunteers have fulfilled the long-standing desire to be able to communicate this project in both Basque and English: Eskerrik Asko eta Many Thanks!!!

Uganda nergroup

Inclusion and Sport

Several adapted athletes have been able to continue training: they are champions among champions! They continue to participate in championships, winning prizes and achieving records that allow them to pursue their dreams of improvement and improvement, without losing sight of the next Paralympic Games. A great example, without a doubt, of energy that we share with joy and enthusiasm.

And we have also been able to feel closer to people with different abilities in Bizkaia, who on their horizon, find art as a way of artistic expression.

Youth and Persecution

And we have also focused our concerns on certain vulnerable groups; young people with difficulties and risk of exclusion or persecuted people in their countries who are beginning to form part of our communities, to whom we have allowed them to listen, see and experience new ways of relating, curricular learning resources, conflict resolution, techniques for active job search, preparation for job interviews and even self-health techniques.

In short, we have been able to make them feel that nergroup is also a human team that is close to their different realities and needs; a 21st Century NGO that generates its own resources and applies them with the same efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability with which it develops its professional projects.

CEAR ner Atzio Panelfisa

We are Living Nature!

Sustainability continues to be a matter of concern and preoccupation for us. We closely observe the Development Goals and, among them, caring for nature is already a “classic” inside and outside our work centers. Every year we celebrate the Zuhaitz Eguna with the planting of native trees that contribute to a better health of our planet and a better future for our next generations: with a less abused and plundered nature that does not leave gaps in which new pandemics can enter.

Food Banks

Unfortunately, we cannot ignore the food collections. We have collected and donated more than 3,000 kilos of products and, very importantly, not only in our organizations, as we have also managed to actively involve a dozen companies in our environment, adding solidarity to this sad social need that has increased by more than 30% of recipient families as a result of this pandemic year.

We have set sail with the Aita Mari!

This is one of our most bittersweet projects, because it fills us with joy when the old tuna boat saves lives at sea and it saddens us and makes us indignant when its dedicated team fails to do so.

From land, we feel the saltpeter and the storms that are experienced in the Mediterranean; they rescue people adrift, deceived, plundered and ignored by the governments. We wear their T-shirts and sweatshirts with pride to belong and row in this beautiful initiative symbolized by a humble fishing boat, manned by generous, caring, and risk-taking people on a painted deck and protected by volunteers from nergroup, from cabins with vents at the stern, as they have been over-required by the sometimes incompetent “competent authorities.”

Geure Sustraiak

Basque Pelota, in clear risk of becoming a unique and exclusive specialty for professionals, will be able to count on our support of competitive continuity for all those people who, not being able or not wanting to access the professional level, can keep alive their hobby and the flame of a sport of ours, very much ours.


We could say that “ner is minfulness” and vice versa:

Mindfulness, mindfulness, mindfulness: We focus our senses on finding out who we are, what we do, how we achieve it; without judging, attaching to, or rejecting every idea, feeling, sensation and positive action, in body and soul.

We look inward, inside our organizations, inside our people. We systematically implement mindfulness in our daily lives, seeking the integral well-being of our teams and, therefore, that of the different relationships in our own organizations.

Zorionak and Eskerrik Asko!

And we cannot finish without thanking you for being there, supporting our commitment, your commitment to society in these unique and difficult times and circumstances from which we have so much to learn.

Without lowering our guard, without losing the enthusiasm, we now say goodbye to a mythical and round year from which we expected less adverse cold and more human warmth, a 2020 of which, however, we can feel proud because we are still committed to society within the framework of the New Style of Relationships, where we give priority to exactly that, relationships. And in this case, our relationships with our society.

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