Supporting nergroup’s Projects

Supporting nergroup’s Projects

In such a complicated year, marked by so many economic imbalances in the global market, NERgroup stands out for its consistency and know-how.

The organizations that make up our association have received different economic and financial support from institutions, important support that comes to promote projects that are committed to growth and competitive improvement.

More than 90% of the projects submitted to calls for proposals from public bodies have been highly successful, a figure that some of our organizations are able to reinforce and, in others, a good boost to address challenges in the areas of research and development, internationalization, innovation in products/services, production processes, digitalization, etc.

The main pillar of NER, people, has also been strengthened with the improvement and increase of the workforce in several organizations, being able to benefit from the advantages that have been regulated in the hiring programs promoted by the Provincial Councils and Lanbide.

On the other hand, projects continue to take on major challenges, upgrading and renewing machinery and making significant investments, all necessary to move forward as a connected and sustainable organization, a 4.0 organization.

Among other advantages, the institutional support programs throughout this 2020, have allowed organizations to obtain greater control over the cost of projects, better investment planning and have also provided a significant improvement in their projection as innovative companies. All this, undoubtedly, important benefits for the competitiveness of each activity and the group itself in general.

In an environment of constant evolution, not advancing at the right pace is a risk for organizations. Aware of this, they have turned nergroup’s ‘Evolutionary Purpose’ into a fundamental axis, a transforming engine of their development and growth.

NER organizations are aware and prepared for the future; enthusiasm, innovation and creativity are their main tools.

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