Corporate Rebels highlights the successful transformation process at PANELFISA

Corporate Rebels highlights the successful transformation process at PANELFISA

In 2016, Dutchmen Joost Minnaar and Pim de Morree, decided to resign from their respective jobs at companies that, in their view, had become obsolete, bureaucratic and poorly motivating organizations.

Encouraged to find other types of projects and organizational models, they traveled the world in search of inspiring experiences and created corporate rebels in order to study them and disseminate their practices and methodologies.

They now share their knowledge through a very interesting blog referenced by important media such as The New York Times, Forbes, The Huffpost, BBC or The Guardian, among others, and they have also been nominated and awarded for their excellent work.

In their relentless pursuit of disruptive, efficient and sustainable initiatives and work environments based on freedom and mutual trust, they learned about the New Relationship Style and visited in 2017 several nergroup organizations whose stories they are spreading through conferences, training sessions, audiovisual materials, books and articles such as the one they published a few days ago about PANELFISA, with the title “How A Human-Centered Workplace Survived A Crisis, And Thrived After”, which tells how this century-old cooperative from Tolosa that, in 2010, suffered a critical situation, and thanks to a thoughtful reflection and participatory transformation, prospered by adopting the ‘ner’ and has managed to consolidate itself as one of the leading firms in its sector.


The union of these two concepts, automotive + motivating, is the motivation of the entire PANELFISA team. A united team, whose skills, organizational style and involvement have allowed us to specialize in an outstanding way in the automotive sector (automotive), which requires the highest levels of quality in the sector of fastening systems (links). With an innovative management system and organized as a cooperative, in which all working partners are also owners of the company.

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