Leaders leading leadership

Leaders leading leadership

“Master, is a leader born or made?”
The master jokingly answered, “It is obvious that first he must be born.”

Indeed, leaders are also “made” like the 25 nergroup members who participated in the ‘Team Coaching’ training given by Emana.


There are as many leadership styles as there are people who perform this function, but there is no doubt that team leadership requires visions, premises, concepts and basic actions that give meaning to the systemic view of teams and organizations.

If the new style of relationships is characterized by anything, it is by working in teams. Self-managed teams where leadership is a key factor in the operation, to preserve and promote people’s autonomy, responsibility, freedom, commitment and efficiency.

Below, we share the testimonials of three people from nergroup who have participated in this training.

Aitor Artolazabal, ROYDE Coordinator 

Today, all organizations place value on teamwork, but have we given enough thought to what teamwork is all about?

In this course, we have learned concepts and acquired various tools: defining the why and the what for of the team, objectives and rules of the team game, tasks and relationships in the team, meeting methodology, Belbin roles and roles in teams, design of conversations, decision-making models, brushstrokes on conflict resolution, etc.

In our teams, implicitly or explicitly, we try to answer these questions, but there is a topic that, if it is not for a specific problem, we do not pay the relevant attention. Thus, we usually focus on the team’s tasks, on the objectives, on what we need to achieve these objectives, but we do not pay due attention and dedication to the relationships between team members, to how we feel, what makes us feel for example the situation we are living, etc. These are not easy conversations or reflections, but in my case, it is a path that I have been able to initiate in the organization from the lessons learned in the course. In this way, we have been able to start tracing new paths.

José Luis Femia, Commitment Coordinator in LANCOR 

The experience of the Emana course has been very positive. I have been able to acquire numerous tools in the coordination and leadership of self-managed teams. The personal advice of a tutor to put it into practice has been fundamental for me.

The challenge is to implement healthy day-to-day practices that help teamwork, shared experience and organization. Knowing how to generate spaces and dynamics within the team, making the most of the areas of service and purpose.

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Miguel Bernar, Coordinator of WALTER PACK

First of all, I was pleasantly surprised by the course. I came with a lot of skepticism and, to tell the truth, with the feeling that after many years leading teams I could learn very little.

The first thing that is surprising is the group dynamic that is created to live these experiences that they teach. The fact of being with people from the NER, facilitates the entry and understanding.

Secondly, you are surprised by the amount of concepts and tricks that exist and that you do not know, despite having many years and a lot of experience in leading teams. Techniques, concepts, tricks, other people’s experiences, all this enriches a lot and opens a different vision of what a team that works is. You discover the levers by which a team works more efficiently and effectively.

As great learnings, I keep the roles of people in the teams, with knowing how to listen, consent in decisions, respect for discrepancy, opportunity to speak to everyone. Many very interesting things that I am already trying to put into practice.

All in all, a great discovery and for my part, with the intention that many more people from Walter Pack can take this course.

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